Lisa Borowski for 4th Ward Commissioner – Radnor Township


It is a privilege and honor to run for 4th Ward Commissioner. For 8 years, Radnor’s 4th Ward has had the benefit of being served by Commissioner Elaine Schaefer. Elaine has worked hard to preserve and enhance all that makes Radnor Township such a wonderful community to live and raise a family.

Radnor Township has experienced significant progress. When Elaine joined the Board of Commissioners almost eight years ago there were financial and personnel concerns which needed to be addressed. Deficit spending, lack of long-term plans to address debt, and no meaningful investment in infrastructure in 20+ years were grave concerns. Since then there has been a significant turnaround and the Board has worked hard with township staff to get back on solid footing.

But, there is still room for improvement. As yourCommissioner I will work to:

  • Find effective fiscal solutions to meet long-term debt obligations
  • Maintain our open spaces by securing funding to cover bond payments with little to no increase in taxes
  • Promote transparency on the BOC and encourage more community engagement through effective communications
  • Protect our tax dollars and infrastructure by investing in a smart storm water program and supporting a sustainable maintenance plan

I look forward to getting to know all the constituents of 4th Ward over the next several months while learning more about how we can work together to make sure what is important to Radnor residents remains top priority. If you have any questions or concerns you would like to share, please email me at

Thank you and I will see you around the neighborhood soon!


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