Radnor Needs Smart Business Development

thVMG93TL2Radnor’s business community is important to the fabric of our community and a major contributor to our tax base. How we, as a township, steward the businesses who have already chosen Radnor and how we cultivate new opportunities for growth and development will have a direct impact on residential property taxes and our ability to plan for long-term improvement projects. Leaving millions on the table in undeveloped properties, like BioMed, is a past mistake which we need to work to rectify moving forward.  Likewise, ignoring the importance of retaining the businesses currently located in our community is also an oversight we might come to regret. As contributors to 30% of the township revenues, our business community should not be taken for granted.

Here is my editorial found in the August 23, 2017 MainLine Suburban online version speaking to this issue.


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