Winter Storm Riley – Update

Township Road Closures & Electric Restoration RADNOR TOWNSHIP SAFETY ALERT PLEASE TREAT ALL DOWNED WIRES AS ENERGIZED AND POTENTIALLY DEADLY There are 47 VITAL customers PECO identifies as CRITICAL in the region There are 55 SCHOOLS still without power regionally PECO points out 107,000 customers out of 630,000 are still without power PECO reports most... Continue Reading →


Radnor Needs Smart Business Development

Radnor's business community is important to the fabric of our community and a major contributor to our tax base. How we, as a township, steward the businesses who have already chosen Radnor and how we cultivate new opportunities for growth and development will have a direct impact on residential property taxes and our ability to... Continue Reading →

Week of August 20, 2017

Hello everyone! Huge, HUGE thank you to all of the people who came out to my campaign event last Thursday. It was a great night filled with awesome discussion, great food and an amazing visit by our very own State Senator Daylin Leach! I loved having the chance to see all of you, and am... Continue Reading →

Opioid Use in Radnor Township

Tuesday morning, I had the privilege of joining sitting Commissioners and my fellow Commissioner candidates (R & D) for an informational briefing by the Radnor Police Dept's Drug Task Force. They specifically addressed opiate involved incidents in Radnor Township. It was sobering. Radnor is not immune to the impacts of this nationwide crisis. Of the... Continue Reading →

Week of August 13, 2017

Hello everyone! Another week, another blog! I spent some time at the beach this week working on the campaign and cannot wait to get back to speak with more of you! Just a reminder: on Thursday I will be hosting a campaign event at the home of Lisa Goldstien and Rick Mankin from 6pm -... Continue Reading →

Voter Registration Information

Hello Radnor!! The right to vote is not only one of the most fundamental American rights, but it is arguably one of the most important civic duties assigned to you as an American citizen. Voting is the easiest way to make sure that your voice is heard, and that your leaders reflect the wants and... Continue Reading →

Week of August 6, 2017

Hello everyone! Can you believe that it is August already? Summer is moving too fast! While enjoying your last few weeks of vacation and getting ready for the upcoming school year, don''t forget to RSVP to my upcoming campaign event on August 17 (details below!). I hope to see you all there! Have a great... Continue Reading →

Week of July 30, 2017

Hello everyone! I cannot thank each and every one of you enough for your continued support –– from he Facebook "likes" and "shares," donations, walking partners and everything in-between, your  help has made this crazy election season just a little bit easier! That being said, let's finish out these last couple months strong! 100 days... Continue Reading →

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